Random Acts of Kindness


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Must be nice to have Josh as a friend!!!








For the past few years Mya has collected donations for charity's in lieu of birthday gifts. Some of the organizations she has collected for include: The Ronald McDonald House, The Guide Dog Foundation and Sweetbriar Nature Center.

After we collect, we take all the donations to the organization and drop them off. Everyone is always so grateful and shocked that a little girl would forgo receiving gifts and take up a collection. Mya would always get just as excited to open a bag with a dog bone or a box of tissues in it as if it were a gift for her.

  This year she is choosing to collect for a local family. The Cadmus family is from Hauppauge and their daughter Makenzie is almost one years old and has Epidermolysis Bullosa! EB is a rare disease that causes the skin to blister and not adhere to itself. I've been following a little bit of their story and this little girl just always has a smile on her face.

 Thanks so much for letting us share Mya's kindness story. If anyone would like to donate to the Cadmus Family, they can reach out to me:)



I'm submitting the following as my son's, Brian Reich, "random act of kindness. "


Last year, there was a fire that completely destroyed the Goodkin's house (Emily, Sophia and Rayna were Kenwal campers for many years). Brian Reich was one of the first people to get to the house to console his friends.  In the following weeks, he helped them organize the donations they received to see what the family needed.  He is also in the process of collecting photographs of the family to replace all the pictures that they lost.